Your new ski boots

What’s next?

Now you have got your new ski boots home it's time to break them in before your trip. We would advise wearing your boots at home to start the breaking in process. The best way to do this is to stand in your ski position in the boots for 10-20 minutes a time at least 3 times before your trip. If you are able, it is also handy to take a trip to an indoor slope to try the boots out before your holiday, so if you have any problems you'll know beforehand. We advise this purely because walking round the store and skiing in your boots is going to feel very different and this will allow you to identify any issues at which point come back into store and we can have a look at the boots and make any necessary modifications.

If you have taken boots that one of our fitters has recommended, then you are covered under our two-year fit guarantee for any alterations needed.

Care and Maintenance

When storing ski boots the main thing is to avoid extreme temperatures e.g. storing them in the loft or garage. Best place is under the bed or in wardrobes where the temperature is more neutral all year round. When back from a trip we recommended separating the three components of the ski boot (Shell, liner and insole) in order to let any moisture that has built up dry out naturally. To speed up this process you could use some form of dryer bag that work by absorbing the moisture without heating the boot. All elements of ski boots are very heat sensitive so we highly recommend not using boot dryers, specifically hotel ones that you don’t control. Any stretching done to the shell at the point of sale may be lost if the boot gets hot and the life of the liner is greatly reduced by the constant heating and cooling.

Replacement parts

Most ski boots will come with replaceable front and rear sole units. In order to prevent the sole units from rapidly wearing we would recommend using Sidas cat tracks when walking around resort. In most cases we will be able to provide replacement sole units when the originals have worn down. You should always keep an eye on the condition of your sole units, as it will affect how safely your boot is interacting with the skis binding. If any buckles or fixings have broken on your ski boots, they are often replaceable like for like or an alternative that’s close to the original.

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